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Chouchin Candle is a pillar candle that gradually turns into a Japanese traditional “Chouchin” lantern as the wax melts inside. When the candle is first lit, it looks like a normal candle, but as time passes, only the inside wax melts and gradually changes its appearance. Thanks to the patented wax technology developed by Pegasus Candle Co. Ltd located in Kurashiki Japan, different types of wax is used for inside and outside, and the outer wax does not melt even though the candle is all made of wax, allowing it to create a soft and gentle light. Normal pillar candles will need a dish to place under the candle, since melted wax will leak from the outside and damage the furniture. Thanks to the patented non-melting wax technology, Chouchin Candle can be placed as it is without the dish, which is a game changer to the usability of candles. The candle is long lasting. The burning hour of the candle is 70 hours, which will last a few months if it is used for a few hours everyday. The Chouchin Candle package comes in a luxurious black-based box with optional gift wrapping. Why don't you give a relaxing gift to your loved ones? DUE TO COVID, ONLY EMS IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, AND SHIPPING COST IS 6000JPY (ARRIVAL TIME: APPROX: 5-7 DAYS) * Two candles are shown in the first image, but one candle is included in each product.

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